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In spite of the title, this article will really be on how not to grow old, which, at my time of life, is a much more important subject.

My first advice would be to choose your ancestors carefully. Although both my parents died young, I have done well in this respect as regards my other ancestors. My maternal grandfather, it is true, was cut off in the flower of his youth at the age of sixty-seven, but my other three grandparents all lived to be over eighty.

Of remoter ancestors I can only discover one who did not live to a great age, and he died of a disease which is now rare, namely, having his head cut off. A great-grandmother of mine, who was a friend of Gibbon, lived to the age of ninety-two, and to her last day remained a terror to all her descendants.

She was one of the founders of Girton College, and worked hard at opening the medical profession to women. She used to tell of how she met in Italy an elderly gentleman who was looking very sad. She asked him why he was so melancholy and he said that he had just parted from his two grandchildren.

But speaking as one of the seventy-two, I prefer her recipe. After the age of eighty she found she had some difficulty in getting to sleep, so she habitually spent the hours from midnight to 3 a. I do not believe that she ever had time to notice that she was growing old.

This, I think, is the proper recipe for remaining young.

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If you have wide and keen interests and activities in which you can still be effective, you will have no reason to think about the merely statistical fact of the number of years you have already lived, still less of the probable shortness of your future.

As regards health, I have nothing useful to say as I have little experience of illness. I eat and drink whatever I like, and sleep when I cannot keep awake. I never do anything whatever on the ground that it is good for health, though in actual fact the things I like doing are mostly wholesome.

Psychologically there are two dangers to be guarded against in old age. One of these is undue absorption in the past. It does not do to live in memories, in regrets for the good old days, or in sadness about friends who are dead. If this is true it should be forgotten, and if it is forgotten it will probably not be true.

The other thing to be avoided is clinging to youth in the hope of sucking vigour from its vitality. When your children are grown up they want to live their own lives, and if you continue to be as interested in them as you were when they were young, you are likely to become a burden to them, unless they are unusually callous.What is passive Investigation? Passive Int.

sage advice

Investigation rarely applies. If it does, it uses the normal rules for passive checks PH, Brave Maurice If you have seen Sherlock Holmes he could give you an idea on how passive Investigation is. If you enter in a crowded Inn you can pass through unknow ppl and know what are their jobs, because you catch details. Are passive perception and investigation supposed to be considered the lowest we would get for an active perception or investigation roll?

My GM calls for a perception roll, and my roll comes to Could I then say 18 since thats my passive? I dont understand why it only affects passive, why not simply a bonus to investigation and perception?

I thought passive was just when the dm does a check for us but if the player does the check they get no benefit?

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So I can walk into a room and automatically investigate it effectively but if i choose to investigate it im not considered observant anymore? Its impossible to roll an active Perception check that is below your passive score. I want to take observant for the passive perception but it doesnt make sense that it doesnt affect my active perception if passive is just what im considered to be constantly rolling. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Share this:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Sometimes used ironically or sarcastically. My grandfather was a wellspring of sage advice. Whenever I had a problem, he was the first person I would consult. Wow, thanks for the sage advice, Pat. I never would have thought to restart the computer. My parents gave me some sage advice when I turned I asked my uncle for some of his sage advice. References in classic literature? And nature takes not readily that ply Next wise is he who lists to sage advice.

keen mind sage advice

View in context. Zossimov, who had begun his sage advice partly to make an effect before the ladies, was certainly somewhat mystified, when, glancing at his patient, he observed unmistakable mockery on his face. She explores families with different nationalities and learning different languages. Now that spring is beginning to poke its head above the fence, it might be sage advice to get your gloves on and your trowel out and head out into wilderness to do some tidying up.

Don loved fishing and will always be remembered for his unique carvings, sage advice and colorful stories. In the last week, Francome and Millington have given our sport some sage advice. What's inside this week. Kuwait flag carrier chief "proud" of His Highness Amir's support. His professional knowledge was second to none and his sage advice already something I had come to rely on. Following some sage advice from Linda and Mick, it looks like Woody and Whitney are back on track, but are the Carters the ones in real need of help as Linda's fears about her marriage resurface?

Is it adios amigos? Their businesses should be supported, and the sage advice of the SSPCA heeded when making a purchase. Psychologist Kevin Gilliland, the executive director of Innovation group in Dallas, says there are three kinds of confidants: cheerleaders who will listen but won't give any sage adviceadvice-givers who will tell you what to do but won't listen well and the in-betweeners--the group who will listen well, ask questions and say what to you need to hear.

Listen up. Idioms browser? Full browser?Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. The answers and information I provide are meant to assist a DM in adjudicating the game.

Can a bard retrain spells gained through Magical Secrets? A spell learned via the Magical Secrets feature counts as a bard spell, so it can be replaced upon gaining a bard level later.

sage advice

But it must be replaced by a bard spell, given the rule in the Spellcasting feature. The creatures listed in Elemental Wild Shape—air, earth, fire, and water elementals—are specific creatures in the Monster Manualnot creature types or subtypes. Elemental Wild Shape allows you to transform into one of those creatures. When a monk using Deflect Missiles catches and throws a projectile, what is the damage of the attack?

For Sneak Attack, what if your ally was 10 feet away with a polearm which has a reach of 10 feetinstead of 5 feet away? Would you still be able to use Sneak Attack?

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Your ally is creating a close-up distraction, regardless of the weapon in hand. Someone other than the warlock can use a pact weapon before the weapon disappears. If you have the Charger feat, can you make your charge attack when your mount takes the Dash action?

The Charger feat relies on you, not your mount, taking the Dash action. With the Great Weapon Master feat, do you have to take the bonus action immediately, or could you move and then use it on the same turn? The intent is that you can move before taking the bonus action in the Great Weapon Master feat. Things like the Sentinel feat give you such an the ability.

Reducing a moving creature to 0 hit points is also usually an effective way to stop it! Without a special ability, hiding in combat requires the Hide action.

If a creature is grappled, can it still attack and use its special abilities?Having or showing keen discernment, sound judgment, and farsightedness. See Synonyms at shrewd. Hunting obsolete of hounds having an acute sense of smell. Switch to new thesaurus. Possessing or showing sound judgment and keen perception: knowingsagesapientwise. Possessing, proceeding from, or exhibiting good judgment and prudence: balancedcommonsensiblecommonsensicaljudiciouslevelheadedprudentrationalreasonablesagesanesapientsensiblesoundwell-foundedwell-groundedwise.

The old priest was learned and sagacious. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? For though some old naturalists have maintained that all creatures of the land are of their kind in the sea; and though taking a broad general view of the thing, this may very well be; yet coming to specialties, where, for example, does the ocean furnish any fish that in disposition answers to the sagacious kindness of the dog?

View in context. But this same bone is not in the tail; it is in the head, which is a sad mistake for a sagacious lawyer like Prynne. Matters of a much more extraordinary kind are to be the subject of this history, or I should grossly mis-spend my time in writing so voluminous a work; and you, my sagacious friend, might with equal profit and pleasure travel through some pages which certain droll authors have been facetiously pleased to call The History of England.

But this art also must one learn: to HAVE a shell, and a fine appearance, and sagacious blindness! To those who have cherished an affection for a faithful and sagacious dog, I need hardly be at the trouble of explaining the nature or the intensity of the gratification thus derivable. This new life of the Doctor's was an anxious life, no doubt; still, the sagacious Mr. The busy and sagacious bees fixed their republic in the clefts of the rocks and hollows of the trees, offering without usance the plenteous produce of their fragrant toil to every hand.

This class of boys, in short, must supply the world with those active, skilful hands, and clear, sagacious heads, without which the affairs of life would be thrown into confusion by the theories of studious and visionary men.

On preparing the morning's meal, however, a number of cups, knives, and other articles were missing, which had, doubtless, been carried off by the fictitious elk, during the slumber of the very sagacious sentinel.

The capital was furnished by himself he, in fact, constituted the company; for, though he had a board of directors, they were merely nominal; the whole business was conducted on his plans and with his resources, but he preferred to do so under the imposing and formidable aspect of a corporation, rather than in his individual name, and his policy was sagacious and effective. The stratagem was good while it was unsuspected, but after that the marauders simply gave the sagacious United States mail an emetic and sat down to wait.

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The sagacious Barclay de Tolly, seeing crowds of wounded men running back and the disordered rear of the army, weighed all the circumstances, concluded that the battle was lost, and sent his favorite officer to the commander in chief with that news.

Dictionary browser? Full browser?If you need an official answer you could ask directly via Twitter to Master Jeremy JeremyECrawford or contact sageadvice wizards. Hi, I was wondering. A target has to make a Dex save. On a failed save, the object you launched strikes the target and stops moving. Either way, both the projectile and target take 3d8 bludgeoning damage. Does this mean the projectile hits the target anyway? For example, if you launch a flask of oil, does it break on the target anyway and cover it in oil?

The falling can cause damage to the bottle and splash to the ground. You can check Objects tables in DMG p. When a the bard is playing a instrument, there is a lot of fingering going on to play an instrument correctly. Therefore, I can justify the fingering meeting that S requirement.

keen mind sage advice

He can then sing to satisfy the V requirement. Follow up question when a Wizard conjures something with minor conjuration, is it a facsimile of the item, or an actual replica of the item. So if you conjured acid, and threw it at someone, it would do 2d6 damage. If spells are written in it I think Yes. A spellbook is a magic spell scrolls container. Yes, you can conjure acid vial and threw, but remember that conjuring an object is an action and threw is another action as improvised weaponso maybe is better to cast a cantrip for the same results.

keen mind sage advice

Does that mean that somebody else could burn through your spellbook like they could with a bunch of scrolls? I was always under the impression that the difference between a scroll and a written spell is that while a scroll is written so that any caster could use it and it is charged with energy, a spellbook is just a formula for the caster to interact with the Weave.

To write a spell you need spend 1 hour and 10 gp for each level of the copied spell, so I imagine that 10 gp is not a normal ink, but something very special, maybe some special components. Imagine a spellbook that contains only 8th level spells, did you consider just a formula collection? A wise wizard will protect with spells and enchantments, so, for me, a spell book is magical.

Can you harvest the venom of a druid that has changed into a spider? Or other permutations on that theme of a willing creature. Initiative in PHB p.

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Can you make friends with a new beast of a higher size or CR? I suggest to take two beasts with you: one with your Beast Master bond and one trained with Animal Handling skill. Mystic Arcanum allows you to cast a 6th level spell at 11th level etc. Im wondering about the wording here. Does this mean the warlock could cast a 6th level hellish rebuke using mystic arcanum or does this mean that the warlock must choose a spell from the 6th level warlock list. The wording actually suggests the former.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, how does a bard meet the V requirements if he is playing a flute or a horn?

keen mind sage advice

Thanks for your time.It's easy to find someone to tell you what you want to hear, but your true ally is one who tells you what you need to learn. Take time to know yourself. When you know who you are, you can be wise about your goals, your dreams, your standards, your convictions. Knowing who you are allows you to live your life with purpose and meaning.

A narrow focus brings big results. The number one reason people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they have come. But it's a series of small wins that can give us the most significant success. Show up fully. Don't dwell on the past, and don't daydream about the future, but concentrate on showing up fully in the present moment. Don't make assumptions. If you don't know the situation fully, you can't offer an informed opinion.

Be patient and persistent. Life is not so much what you accomplish as what you overcome. In order to get, you have to give. If you support, guide, and lead others, if you make contributions to their lives, you will reap the best rewards. Luck comes from hard work. Luck happens when hard work and timing and talent intersect. Be your best at all times.

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You never know what the future will bring, so always make the best use of the present. Don't try to impress everyone. The unhappiest people are those who care the most about what other people think. Don't be afraid of being afraid. Sometimes the one thing you need for growth is the one thing you are most afraid to do. Listen to learn. Learn how to listen.

You can't learn anything when you're talking. Life's good, but it's not fair. The delusion that life's supposed to be fair is the source of much unhappiness. No task is beneath you. Don't put yourself above anyone or anything; work hard in silence and let success make the noise.

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